We’re half way there!

Finally, we have planted half of the plants in our Bush Tucker garden!  At first we had to use buckets to water the plants. It was hard work and took a long time. But now we have a hose and it’s much easier and more fun. We have to water the plants every day for a week and a half once they’re planted. Mr Wilson and his Bushcare group have brought mulch to go on the garden. That will help the plants grow because it stops evaporation. The rest of the plants are coming on 24th October.

(We wrote this together)img_0998


3 thoughts on “We’re half way there!

  1. The weeds were annoying because they grow back again.

    I think that we did such good weeding that we won’t have any more weeds growing.

    • I agree Courtney! The weeding took a long time, but hopefully we’ve got rid of most of them by now. Do you think that the mulch will help keep the weeds down too?

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