5 thoughts on “Should all teenagers have access to the internet all the time?

  1. Teenagers should find a healthy balance in life! Too much screen time can affect teenagers in a negative way. In such ways like damaging the eyes, anti social behaviour, patience levels. Finding a balance between school work, recreational time and spending time with the family and cleaning your bedroom are some of the suggestions to find the right balance. Oh and get a part-time job!

  2. I do not think it a bit radical at all.
    We must encourage responsibility and this starts with the simple task such as cleaning your room.

    • I agree, Kathy. Often teenagers find cleaning their room is a very difficult thing to do, but like doing ANY chores around the house, to help the family, it is a way of learning about responsibility and independence.
      My son is about to leave home. He usually has a messy room. I think he’s going to live in a mess unless he changes. It might be difficult for him to live with other people if he’s messy and they’re neat.

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