My Oscar fish

Hello Mrs McKay,

There are three different types of Oscars. There is red, an Albino Oscar which comes in white and a Tiger Oscar which comes in black but it also gets orange or yellow on it when it gets older. The Red Oscars grow the biggest.  The Tiger Oscar grows the second biggest and the Albino Oscar grows the least.  I have got all the Oscars.  I have four Oscars but the red one is my favourite.

Image result for oscars 'public domain' fishImage result for oscars 'public domain' fishImage result for oscars 'public domain' fish

5 thoughts on “My Oscar fish

  1. Hi Aaron my Tiger Oscar isn’t full grown yet so he’s in a little tank on his own because he’s only about 3 cm long. My Red Oscars will grow the biggest but now they are about 8 cm and 10 cm long. My Albino Oscar is about 14 cm long..

    • Mitchell, it sounds like you know a lot about fish! Maybe one day you can get a job helping in an aquarium shop like Lots of Bubbles. What do you think about that idea?

        • Mitchell, I hope you do manage to get a job at an aquarium shop. Perhaps you could start by getting some work experience, then later get a part time job, even while you’re still at school. ASk Judy about her work in a pet shop. That included selling fish.

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