10 things l’d like to do

The ten things l’d like to do are:

  1. Buy cichlids;
  2. Ride my bike;
  3. Play Playstation games;
  4. Have a helicopter ride;
  5. Go to the  game store;
  6. Mow the lawn;
  7. Drive a car;
  8. Ride a motor bike;
  9. Catch a chicken all by myself;
  10. Clean out my bed room;



3 thoughts on “10 things l’d like to do

  1. I like your list, Mitchell. You’re lucky you already get to do some of those things, and have others to look forward to. I don’t agree with you on ride a motor bike, but it is great being able to drive a car. When do you think you will you get your licence?

  2. Jay-Lee here I also like play station games too. Sword art online is an anime game where you try to get to the top of a tree. You play as a fairy and you can name your character. It’s also a tv series.

    • That sounds really interesting, Jay-Lee. Thanks for telling us about it. Do you like reading anime graphic novels as well as playing ‘Sword Art’ online? We have some anime novels in our school library you might like to borrow.

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