10 Things that make me happy

  • The ten things that makes me happy are:

Number 10 – ‘Singing’.   I love to sing.  I don’t mind what songs I sing and I like to make up my own songs.

Number 9 – ‘Friends’.  My friends are always there for me.  My friends always make me laugh and smile.

Number 8 – ‘Family’.  I always go on holidays and go camping with my family.  We decorate our house for Christmas both inside and out.  We go crazy with the decorations.

Number 7 – ‘Drawing’.  I draw all different things like people, animals and whatever else is in my head.

Number 6 – ‘You Tube’.  I like to look at Minecraft, music and Undertale on youtube but I really want to be a you tuber.  I want to make videos and see the world and make videos of what I see to show people.

Number 5 – ‘School’.  I love to learn.  I love the teachers and my friends and I love to do lots of different activities.

Number 4 – ‘Making craft’.  I enjoy painting, drawing, origami, clay, printmaking and lots of other craft activities.

Number 3 – ‘Shopping’.  I love to shop and look around. I love to match outfits like matching shoes with dresses or shirts with jackets.

Number 2 – ‘Grandparents’.  I enjoy visiting my Nana and my poppy.  I help them clean their car.  My Nana spoils me a lot by giving me lots of ice cream.  My favourite is vanilla but I also like rainbow ice cream with m&ms.

Number 1 – ‘Mysteries’.  I love to research mysteries on the computer like old times and see what was in the world in the past and in the present. I know there are mysteries in the world now.

By Courtney 🙂



5 thoughts on “10 Things that make me happy

  1. Hi Courtney, you have done a fantastic list! I love your comments that go with your list – and the countdown! I share a few of the thing you like to do, but I’m specially interested that you want to make You Tube videos. What ideas do you have for videos you’d like to make?

  2. The things that you have listed Courtney sound very positive and productive!
    It is always a good idea to do things in life that make you feel positive!
    I really like being creative and playing with colour. It makes me feel good. What do you like doing?

    • Yes, I agree Kathy, doing positive things helps to make you happy and positive. Spending time on things that are sad, dark and scary can make us uncomfortable and negative.

  3. Leigha here. I really love shopping, youtubing and singing a lot and I wonder if my friends have inspiration for videos on youtube of course. And we want our youtube career to last as long as we have fun with it.

    • Hi Leigha, It’s good to hear about what you like to do. I think we’ll be able to come up with some inspiration for youtube videos together next year, and maybe make some! Have you made any videos for youtube yet?

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