A place I’d like to be

When things are hard, you’re starting to feel worried, sad or even angry, STOP and imagine you’re in a place you’d like to be. Just think about being in that place for a short time, thinking about what you see, hear, smell and feel, and it will help you to feel calmer.

Here are some places that Room 20 students and some new, next year Room 20 students would like to be.

Where would you like to be?


6 thoughts on “A place I’d like to be

    • Hello Anieka, Bondi Beach is a beautiful beach so no wonder you want to go there. But many people say the beaches around here are just as nice – even nicer because there aren’t so many people on them. Do you often go to the beach? What do you like to do there?

  1. Hi it’s Angus here. I would like to go to Antarctica so I could see penguins, not in the zoo. I would love to feel the cold and walk around I the snow.

    • Angus, I once investigated becoming the cook on a boat that was going to Antarctica. It was called ‘In the Footsteps of Scott’. Like you, I thought it would be great to go to Antarctica, but I know it would be whiter than white and colder than cold. I understand there can be bad storms, too, so in the end I thought I mightn’t go so well rocking and cooking on a boat! Is there anywhere else you’d like to go?

    • Hi Aaron, I totally agree it’s been too hot here in the last few days! I’d like to go to Antarctica as long as I had all the warmest gear to wear…..and to sleep in at night. A hot shower would also be an essential to warm me up if I got cold wandering around outside!

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