3 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Keegan, great work for your first ever Haiku! You have a good eye for syllables (5-7-5)and how to work with words to create images. I’d love to see you exploring Haiku further.

    Here are examples from one of the most well known Japanese Haiku poets, Basho, who lived in the 1600’s and then one by Natsume Soseki from the late 1800’s. Both about ‘angry’ nature.

    Seas are wild tonight . . .

    stretching over Sado Island

    Silent clouds of stars


    Over the wintry

    forest, winds howl in rage

    with no leaves to blow.


  2. Hey Miss McKay, the reason why I like Fiji is because I have family over there and it’s really fun being over there and learning my history.

    • Blaine, I can imagine that you have a strong feeling of connection with Fiji as you have family there. Learning about your own history is very special, even more interesting than learning about history in general! And history is something I like to learn about!

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