10 Things that make me happy

  • The ten things that makes me happy are:

Number 10 – ‘Singing’.   I love to sing.  I don’t mind what songs I sing and I like to make up my own songs.

Number 9 – ‘Friends’.  My friends are always there for me.  My friends always make me laugh and smile.

Number 8 – ‘Family’.  I always go on holidays and go camping with my family.  We decorate our house for Christmas both inside and out.  We go crazy with the decorations.

Number 7 – ‘Drawing’.  I draw all different things like people, animals and whatever else is in my head.

Number 6 – ‘You Tube’.  I like to look at Minecraft, music and Undertale on youtube but I really want to be a you tuber.  I want to make videos and see the world and make videos of what I see to show people.

Number 5 – ‘School’.  I love to learn.  I love the teachers and my friends and I love to do lots of different activities.

Number 4 – ‘Making craft’.  I enjoy painting, drawing, origami, clay, printmaking and lots of other craft activities.

Number 3 – ‘Shopping’.  I love to shop and look around. I love to match outfits like matching shoes with dresses or shirts with jackets.

Number 2 – ‘Grandparents’.  I enjoy visiting my Nana and my poppy.  I help them clean their car.  My Nana spoils me a lot by giving me lots of ice cream.  My favourite is vanilla but I also like rainbow ice cream with m&ms.

Number 1 – ‘Mysteries’.  I love to research mysteries on the computer like old times and see what was in the world in the past and in the present. I know there are mysteries in the world now.

By Courtney 🙂




It’s Halloween night at Phoenix High School. I, Courtney, am alone.

I walk through the corridors. I hear a sound behind me. A creaking sound, ‘CR CR CR CR’.

I turn around and I see a ghost. I don’t understand who that person is.

I check in all rooms but one room is different. There is blood on the walls and the floor! I notice a symbol.  It looks like a star but it is covered with creepy blood.

I see a ghost again. It’s coming closer!

I run and scream for my life ‘AAAAAHHHHHHH’  I run to the front of the school. I am scared! I see a ghost again but he is walking back to the classroom. I run home.

When I get home I google Phoenix High School’s history. I discover a Science teacher who had died in the corridors comes out every night.  He says ‘You killed me! The students killed me!’