Advice for students coming into Yr7

Starting High School is a new chapter in our lives.  It can be scary and exciting!  New friends, new subjects and new routines are all part of the change.  Here are some tips for new students starting Year 7:

  1. Be brave!
  2. Show respect.
  3. Be friendly to all.
  4. Be excited about learning!
  5. Be a good and active listener.
  6. Be organised.
  7. Smell nice for others!


Class advice

The Two Wolves

One day an old Cherokee Indian was talking to his grandson. He said:

“Inside all of us we have two wolves. One is evil. The other is good. They are always fighting with each other”

His grandson said “which wolf wins the fight?”

“Whichever wolf you feed. If you have negative thoughts and feelings like being jealous, sad, unkind, rude, frustrated, giving up or thinking you’re better than other people, you’re feeding your bad wolf. You feed your good wolf by thinking positive happy thoughts. If you’re a good winner, have a good attitude, and you’re kind, loving, generous, friendly, responsible and polite, you’re feeding your good wolf.”


This is our retelling of an old American Indian Story




Toasty poems

We played with some simple poetry forms and came up with these poems:






Number 6 on the dial.






Leaping from the toaster.



The toaster is a furnace

Shining silver

Glowing red

Making bread brown.

A toast test


Did you know:

  • Ancient Egyptians invented toast as a way of using up stale bread.
  • ‘You’re toast!’ means you’re in a LOT of trouble.
  • ‘Warm as toast’ means warm and cozy.
  • ‘The toast of (the town)’ means someone who is well known and admired in that place.

Speaking of toast, what makes the perfect piece of toast for you?

We did a survey and a toast test yesterday to find the perfect pieces of toast. Everyone had different opinions, but we all agreed that toast cooked when the dial on the white and silver toasters were on 6 was NOT perfect at all.When the toaster dials were on 3 or 4, it was more like a perfect piece of toast.

See the differences in the toast colour and the dial settings for the two toasters we used in the photo below. Orange numbers are on top of the pieces of toast from the white toaster, green numbers are those from the silver toaster.Toast Test