We want to keep reading!

We’re about halfway through this great novel and are loving it!

At Chapter 28 these are some predictions we have:

  • Zero (Hector Zeroni) is somehow related to Madame Zeroni
  • KB on the lipstick stands for ‘Kate Barlow’
  • the boys are digging for Kissing Kate Barlow’s treasure
  • Stanley finds the treasure
  • The Warden is a daughter or granddaughter of Trout Walker
  • A daughter or granddaughter of Kate Barlow is involved
  • Mr Sir is somehow related to Trout Walker

The Blue Square

On the tenth day, on the tenth month, on the tenth year, there was a demon from the depths of the Halloween Underworld. It was known as the Blue Square. The Blue Square had teeth and nails of copper, eyes made out of acid, skin as hard as the Great Wall of China and was blue as the planet Neptune.

It was given the task from the King of Halloween to create a plague to spread onto the planet known as Earth by Halloween night. It created a ball of lightning which can use the smoke in volcanoes to spread the plagues. To make sure the plague works it needs to thrown into the highest volcano in the world. So it went to the Chile / Argentina border line to find the Ojos del Salado. The people screamed in terror as the Blue Square petrified everyone that came in its way. Some were burned by its blue fire and others were crushed by its weight.

Fortunately, a group of monster hunters were near the volcano with bullets made out of lead that could penetrate the Blue Square’s skin. The demon approached the hunters and it tried it’s best but the bullets were too strong. But then one of the hunters backstabbed his friends. He was actually the King of Halloween. He grabbed the ball of lighting and threw it into the volcano.

The volcano exploded in clouds of smoke and the king died. To this day those clouds of smoke still roam to this day, spreading diseases too all of mankind.


It’s Halloween night at Phoenix High School. I, Courtney, am alone.

I walk through the corridors. I hear a sound behind me. A creaking sound, ‘CR CR CR CR’.

I turn around and I see a ghost. I don’t understand who that person is.

I check in all rooms but one room is different. There is blood on the walls and the floor! I notice a symbol.  It looks like a star but it is covered with creepy blood.

I see a ghost again. It’s coming closer!

I run and scream for my life ‘AAAAAHHHHHHH’  I run to the front of the school. I am scared! I see a ghost again but he is walking back to the classroom. I run home.

When I get home I google Phoenix High School’s history. I discover a Science teacher who had died in the corridors comes out every night.  He says ‘You killed me! The students killed me!’