A place I’d like to be

When things are hard, you’re starting to feel worried, sad or even angry, STOP and imagine you’re in a place you’d like to be. Just think about being in that place for a short time, thinking about what you see, hear, smell and feel, and it will help you to feel calmer.

Here are some places that Room 20 students and some new, next year Room 20 students would like to be.

Where would you like to be?


Advice for students coming into Yr7

Starting High School is a new chapter in our lives.  It can be scary and exciting!  New friends, new subjects and new routines are all part of the change.  Here are some tips for new students starting Year 7:

  1. Be brave!
  2. Show respect.
  3. Be friendly to all.
  4. Be excited about learning!
  5. Be a good and active listener.
  6. Be organised.
  7. Smell nice for others!


Class advice

10 things I like to do

  1. Play soccer
  2. Play Plants  vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 on Xbox 1
  3. Watch Pokemon
  4. Ten Pin Bowling
  5. Going to the pool when it’s hot
  6. Going to Macca’s to eat large chips, 10 nuggets and large chocolate shake.
  7. Play handball
  8. Play chess
  9. Play Plants vs Zombies 2 on my I pad
  10. Play terraria

10 Things that make me happy

  • The ten things that makes me happy are:

Number 10 – ‘Singing’.   I love to sing.  I don’t mind what songs I sing and I like to make up my own songs.

Number 9 – ‘Friends’.  My friends are always there for me.  My friends always make me laugh and smile.

Number 8 – ‘Family’.  I always go on holidays and go camping with my family.  We decorate our house for Christmas both inside and out.  We go crazy with the decorations.

Number 7 – ‘Drawing’.  I draw all different things like people, animals and whatever else is in my head.

Number 6 – ‘You Tube’.  I like to look at Minecraft, music and Undertale on youtube but I really want to be a you tuber.  I want to make videos and see the world and make videos of what I see to show people.

Number 5 – ‘School’.  I love to learn.  I love the teachers and my friends and I love to do lots of different activities.

Number 4 – ‘Making craft’.  I enjoy painting, drawing, origami, clay, printmaking and lots of other craft activities.

Number 3 – ‘Shopping’.  I love to shop and look around. I love to match outfits like matching shoes with dresses or shirts with jackets.

Number 2 – ‘Grandparents’.  I enjoy visiting my Nana and my poppy.  I help them clean their car.  My Nana spoils me a lot by giving me lots of ice cream.  My favourite is vanilla but I also like rainbow ice cream with m&ms.

Number 1 – ‘Mysteries’.  I love to research mysteries on the computer like old times and see what was in the world in the past and in the present. I know there are mysteries in the world now.

By Courtney 🙂



A toast test


Did you know:

  • Ancient Egyptians invented toast as a way of using up stale bread.
  • ‘You’re toast!’ means you’re in a LOT of trouble.
  • ‘Warm as toast’ means warm and cozy.
  • ‘The toast of (the town)’ means someone who is well known and admired in that place.

Speaking of toast, what makes the perfect piece of toast for you?

We did a survey and a toast test yesterday to find the perfect pieces of toast. Everyone had different opinions, but we all agreed that toast cooked when the dial on the white and silver toasters were on 6 was NOT perfect at all.When the toaster dials were on 3 or 4, it was more like a perfect piece of toast.

See the differences in the toast colour and the dial settings for the two toasters we used in the photo below. Orange numbers are on top of the pieces of toast from the white toaster, green numbers are those from the silver toaster.Toast Test