Tips for writing in a conversational tone

Blog posts can be written in a less formal, more conversational tone.

  • Think about your audience as you’re writing, the way they think, speak, the things that interest them.
  • Read your writing out loud to make sure it flows well and sounds natural.


  • Contractions (eg. can’t, won’t, we’ve) are allowed although they aren’t usually acceptable in formal writing.
  • Shorter sentences – these help to keep the writing more informal.
  • Common words – you’re not out to impress the reader with a lot of complicated words BUT your vocabulary shouldn’t be TOO everyday and chatty. (eg. in 1) above the words ‘allowed’ and ‘acceptable’ have been used, although when chatting to someone ‘OK’ would have been used; no texting language like ‘lol’ and ‘gr8’)
  • Examples to make the point you’re making.
  • First/second person pronouns (eg. you, me, we, I). More formal writing usually uses third person pronouns (eg. he, she, his, her, they)
  • Use ACTIVE voice. This means that in your sentences with an action verb (doing word) the subject of the sentence is actively doing the verb. Here are some examples, with the subject in bold.