Commenting Guidelines


  • Start with a greeting and/or the person’s name
  • Be positive, interested, and encouraging.
  • If you disagree, be polite about it.
  • Be on topic – connect with something in the post*** (see examples below digital footprint)
  • Aim for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Use a polite, conversational tone.
    • No texting language like “lol”
    • No “Hi! Visit my blog! Bye!” comments.
  • End with a question that will help to keep the conversation going.
  • Re-read your comment before you hit ‘submit’
  • Keep your privacy: no personal or identifying information about you, your family, or your friends. Don’t give out last names, school name, phone numbers, user names, or places and dates you can be found.
  • Remember, anyone in the whole world can read your posts and comments. Once it’s there it’s there forever,  part of your digital footprint.



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***Examples of HOW to comment:

  • Compliment the writer in a specific way eg. Hi Ben, you’ve described your cat so well I could see her clearly in my mind!
  • Refer back to the content of the post eg. I didn’t know Manx cats don’t have tails.
  • Add new information eg.  Did you know that Sphinx cats don’t have hair?
  • Make a connection. Maybe the post reminds you of something you’ve done or heard or have. Share that connection! eg. Our dog lost his tail in a car accident but it didn’t seem to bother him much.
  • Try to end your comment with a relevant question so that an interesting conversation can develop. eg. Do you think cats and dogs without tails have more trouble keeping flies away or showing emotion?



Guidelines adapted from: and with thanks