American Indian model village


Many different tribes of indigenous North American Indians lived in different style homes, with different lifestyles, depending on what materials were around that they could use. These are some of them.



Tribe: Pueblos

The Pueblos lived in multi –storey houses made of clay and straw baked into hard bricks. They lived in Arizona and New Mexico in the desert and on cliffs.

They were farmers and grew corn, beans, sunflower seeds and squash.


By Mitchell



scanThe Plains Indians used every single part of the buffalo.

Tribe: Sioux

The Sioux lived on the plains in tepees made of buffalo skin and wooden poles. They could move from place to place while they were hunting buffalo and take their homes with them. Often the people drew stories about what they had done on the outside of their tepee. I have made up a story to go on my tepee and a song to go with it.


by Courtney




The northeast woodland tribes of Native Americans build the wigwam and take shelter in it.

It is a good design and the bark is mended to keep out the rain. Up to four people can live in the wigwam.

Life in the wigwam was warm and dry.

by Angus



img_11141Tribe: Iroquois

The Indians who lived in the northwest woodlands were the Iroquois, Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga and Seneca tribes. They lived in longhouses made from logs, sticks and young trees, covered with bark. Each longhouse could be home for many families. They had cooking fires inside their homes and the smoke went out through holes in the roof.

By Aaron






Bush tukka

It’s done! Just in time for Mr A coming back to school from his trip, we’ve raked the last piles of mulch on our Bush Tucker garden, AND finished our research into how some of the different plants were used by traditional Aboriginal people.




My Oscar fish

Hello Mrs McKay,

There are three different types of Oscars. There is red, an Albino Oscar which comes in white and a Tiger Oscar which comes in black but it also gets orange or yellow on it when it gets older. The Red Oscars grow the biggest.  The Tiger Oscar grows the second biggest and the Albino Oscar grows the least.  I have got all the Oscars.  I have four Oscars but the red one is my favourite.

Image result for oscars 'public domain' fishImage result for oscars 'public domain' fishImage result for oscars 'public domain' fish

Bush tucker garden safe

We have been planting a bush tucker garden at the front of our school. We have planted native plants that Aboriginal people eat and we can eat.  Last weekend a fire caused by a fallen power line a came very close to our garden.  Lucky, all our plants didn’t get destroyed and our bush tucker garden is safe.



*The red circle on the photo shows where our Bush Tucker Garden is. We’re SO lucky the fire didn’t jump the creek, but there was lots of smoke

This footage from a drone shows how close the fire came to our school.







A toast test


Did you know:

  • Ancient Egyptians invented toast as a way of using up stale bread.
  • ‘You’re toast!’ means you’re in a LOT of trouble.
  • ‘Warm as toast’ means warm and cozy.
  • ‘The toast of (the town)’ means someone who is well known and admired in that place.

Speaking of toast, what makes the perfect piece of toast for you?

We did a survey and a toast test yesterday to find the perfect pieces of toast. Everyone had different opinions, but we all agreed that toast cooked when the dial on the white and silver toasters were on 6 was NOT perfect at all.When the toaster dials were on 3 or 4, it was more like a perfect piece of toast.

See the differences in the toast colour and the dial settings for the two toasters we used in the photo below. Orange numbers are on top of the pieces of toast from the white toaster, green numbers are those from the silver toaster.Toast Test


My bike

I like riding my bike. I ride a mountain bike. I love my bike. It’s black with lime green trimmings and a shiny blue streak. Sometimes I ride alone, but other times I ride with my friends or my father. I ride my bike to school on Thursdays. I go most of the way on the cycleway. When I get to school, I lock my bike up in the bike shed so that it’s safe. I do cycling for sport with Mr H and some other boys. Mr H checked all our bikes on the first day to make sure they were safe to ride on the road. After sport I ride home again and lock my bike in the garage.

We’re half way there!

Finally, we have planted half of the plants in our Bush Tucker garden!  At first we had to use buckets to water the plants. It was hard work and took a long time. But now we have a hose and it’s much easier and more fun. We have to water the plants every day for a week and a half once they’re planted. Mr Wilson and his Bushcare group have brought mulch to go on the garden. That will help the plants grow because it stops evaporation. The rest of the plants are coming on 24th October.

(We wrote this together)img_0998