A toast test


Did you know:

  • Ancient Egyptians invented toast as a way of using up stale bread.
  • ‘You’re toast!’ means you’re in a LOT of trouble.
  • ‘Warm as toast’ means warm and cozy.
  • ‘The toast of (the town)’ means someone who is well known and admired in that place.

Speaking of toast, what makes the perfect piece of toast for you?

We did a survey and a toast test yesterday to find the perfect pieces of toast. Everyone had different opinions, but we all agreed that toast cooked when the dial on the white and silver toasters were on 6 was NOT perfect at all.When the toaster dials were on 3 or 4, it was more like a perfect piece of toast.

See the differences in the toast colour and the dial settings for the two toasters we used in the photo below. Orange numbers are on top of the pieces of toast from the white toaster, green numbers are those from the silver toaster.Toast Test


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